Olive & June Blue Jeans Set: Swatch & Review

For the first time this year, I don’t really have any Christmassy content to share. I guess I have been a little underwhelmed with the Christmas collections or my collection has ballooned so much that I’m not buying as much polish. It’s not the latter, let’s be real 😛 We’re just going to jump into some wintery polishes because they work for Christmastime too! After seeing Olive & June all over Instagram, I decided to grab some of their polishes earlier this year. I don’t know why, but creme polishes always draw me in and their line thus far is mostly cremes. The darker blue shade CNH is what tipped me over the edge to make a purchase. Olive & June offers sets of four polishes plus top coat, which I thought was a fun way to try the polishes. You can buy seasonal collection sets, but these sets are also available if you don’t want every polish in a certain collection. The Blue Jeans set was right up my alley with two shades of blue including my coveted CNH, a greyish purple, and a slightly off-white. The images online show all four being worn as a skittle ombre mani, so I decided that’s how I would wear them too for this trial! The cool tones are perfect this time of year and make for a winter wonderland on your nails.

Olive & June polishes are meant to be worn without base coat so I did not use any today. Because of this, I did attempt to buff out my ridges a little bit but buffing my nails makes me nervous so I don’t think it was very effective. Just keep in mind that you may not need as many coats as I did if you have a pretty smooth nail bed.

left to right: BP, TT, HD, & CNH, 1 coat

BP, TT, and CNH all had formulas on the thinner side. HD was a little creamier, more a normal consistency. I found that even the thinner formulas were easy to control with the medium width rounded paddle brush Olive & June uses. All the polishes are a little streaky after just one coat. HD surprisingly has the best coverage, it’s a good white!

left to right: BP, TT, HD, & CNH, 2 coats

A second coat brought BP, TT, and HD super close to opacity. In fact, HD would probably be opaque in two if it weren’t for my ridges. CNH is completely opaque with just two coats, not surprising as it’s the darkest color in the bunch.

left to right: BP, TT, & HD, 3 coats, and CNH, 2 coats

One more coat brought BP, TT, and HD to full opacity. The teeniest streaks I still had after coat two were completely covered. I did not do a third coat for CNH because it definitely was not necessary.

left to right: BP, TT, & HD, 3 coats, and CNH, 2 coats, plus Super Glossy Top Coat

The polishes are pretty shiny on their own, but Super Glossy Top Coat really smooths out the mani and gives it a thicker, more consistent shine. Does that even make sense? I guess just look at the difference between the top coated and not top coated pictures. The top coat is not quick drying, but this was an opportunity for me to use my quick dry drops. Olive & June does sell their own, but I use the ones I already have so infrequently that I was kinda thrilled I got the chance to do so.

I think this was a great intro to the Olive & June formulas! They are on the thinner side, which isn’t my favorite, but their awesome paddle brushes make up for that and make application so easy. You don’t often hear me praise a paddle brush, they’re usually too wide for me. Spoiler alert, I have already aquired more polishes and the Pedi System from Olive & June, so I think we know how I feel about them :] As a side note, the cuticle serum is FANTASTIC if you take pictures of your nails! It makes your cuticle area look hydrated but isn’t as greasy looking as oils. While I prefer oils for every day maintenance, the Cuticle Serum is great to swipe on before I take my pictures. I believe I used it before the top coat shot!

Have you tried Olive & June? Do you have a particular polish finish you always find yourself gravitating towards?

xx, Ashley

You can visit Olive & June on their website here, which is where I purchased my bottles. Olive & June are not on the Logical Harmony approved brands list, but claim to be cruelty-free.


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