Duri Below Zero Collection: Part II Swatch & Review {PR}

*Just a heads up, the polishes featured in today’s post and last week’s post were sent to me as PR.* Winter is wrapping up and so is my review of Duri’s newest collection. No offense to the polishes last week, but this week’s are all my favorites! They are all cool tones: we have a grey, blue-green, and blue. Perfection. Although it sounds like a wintery line up of colors, I think most of us would be reaching for these colors in a variety of seasons. All are perfect two coat cremes; I’ve come to expect this from Duri at this point but I’m still really impressed!

Today’s swatches were all done over Zoya Naked Base. I used Seche Vite as my top coat this time where noted.

Duri Let It Snow, 2 coats plus top coat

Duri calls this both a “milky grey” and a “heather grey.” It definitely looks very purple toned in the bottle, but when you put it next to an actual purple you can tell it’s straight-up grey. It’s such a lovely color, I absolutely adore this one!

Duri Let It Snow, 1 coat

Let It Snow has a nice, creamy formula that can be manipulated with a few extra brushstrokes to get even better coverage. I did this on all nails except my pointer finger to show the difference!

Duri Let It Snow, 2 coats

Let It Snow is just a beautiful, beautiful polish that is completely opaque with a second coat. So easy to work with, I’m definitely going to be wearing this soon!

Duri Break the Ice, 2 coats plus top coat

Break the Ice is up next and wow, I love it so, so much! It is described as an “icy teal with grey undertones” which is so perfect. It looks pretty vibrant here, but it does have just enough dust that I would happily wear it in the winter. However, it’s not so dusty that I would avoid it in spring and summer. You really have to see it compared to another polish to understand how dusty it is. Don’t worry, we’ll get there!

Duri Break the Ice, 1 coat

That is some good coverage with just one coat! Break the Ice has an amazing creamy formula that is just so easy to work with. The coverage was a tad uneven, but a second coat will definitely cover those lighter spots.

Duri Break the Ice, 2 coats

We get full opacity in just two coats. The formula is just superb and so enjoyable to use, you’ll want to do more coats just because it’s so easy!

Duri Freeze the Day, 2 coats plus top coat

I have to apologize, for some reason all my top coat photos of this polish sucked so hard, which is sad because it would be my favorite if I was only allowed to choose one from the collection! Freeze the Day (can we talk about these names, they rock!) is described as a “muted blue” which is true, but it’s a rich muted blue. If that’s possible. It’s also got some dust on it. And I love it. I love it a whole bunch. I want to dive right into a pool full of this stuff. Note that it does have that skunky smell that some blues and purples get.

Duri Freeze the Day, 1 coat

Freeze the Day has an utterly buttery formula (exactly what I wrote in my notes, love that). It was SO CLOSE to being a one-coater. There was a lighter spot or two that I could see in person so I did go in for a second coat.

Duri Freeze the Day, 2 coats

Ahhhhhh, perfection! Freeze the Day is opaque in two easy coats. I genuinely could not keep the smile off my face as I painted with it, this is just such a special shade of blue. It’s almost like a super dusty version of the infamous Pacific Blue. Not really but there is something Pacific Blue-y about it.

Duri Let It Snow, Olive & June TT

All of today’s polishes have comparisons, yay!!! Let It Snow, on the left, looks much more muted and grey than Olive & June’s TT, which looks like a very soft, muted purple itself. I do want to note that my swatch photos on my hands are more color-accurate than these, but I do think the differences are still apparent.

Olive & June Yes Please, Duri Break the Ice, Palate Polish Spirulina Smoothie

Break the Ice, in the center, is much lighter and dustier than similar cremes I own. Olive & June’s Yes Please looks like a bright, tropical ocean in comparison and Palate Polish Spirulina Smoothie is a deeper, slightly richer hue.

Palate Polish Cornflower, Duri Freeze the Day

Freeze the Day is a more intense, yet still powdery blue in comparison with Palate Polish Cornflower. These would look great in a mani together, yummmmmm.

I am so glad I got to experience this collection! All three of the polishes in today’s post are polishes that I am absolutely in love with. Great colors that also have spectacular formulas are always something to get excited about. Don’t be surprised if any of these polishes make a reappearance this year!

Which winter collections this year have tickled your fancy?

xx, Ashley

Duri sent these polishes to me as PR. You can visit them on their website here and find international distributors here.


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