Cadillacquer A Beautiful Mess

Cadillacquer A Beautiful Mess, 3 coats plus top coat

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Last year, St. Patrick’s Day was the first day all of the restaurants in Oregon were closed to dine-in. I went to my local Irish pub to get some takeout on St. Patrick’s Day and then the next day they shut down completely, not re-opening for takeout until earlier this year. It’s only a few blocks away from where I live so I was quite disappointed to have fewer takeout options within walking distance, but balance has been somewhat restored in the universe. Today we’re taking a look at a gorgeous green polish from Cadillacquer, perfect for the occasion! It is called A Beautiful Mess and is from the Shameless collection. I’ve never seen the show Shameless, so I can’t offer you any knowledge of the inspiration. It is a green jelly base that is packed with tiny green to gold flakies, turquoise microglitters, and those beautiful, prominent bronze-orange-red multichrome flakies. I hope you love this one as much as I do!

I used Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock as my base coat and Dimension Nails Quickie as my top coat where noted.

Cadillacquer A Beautiful Mess, 1 coat

The first coat of A Beautiful Mess is quite sheer. I actually think you might be able to wear this as a topper over other greens or darker polishes (since the base is green tinted). I found that I need to use a few extra brushstrokes to get even distribution of all that stuff packed into the base. Otherwise it is a smooth, easy formula to work with.

Cadillacquer A Beautiful Mess, 2 coats

After a second coat the base color builds up a little and becomes much more obviously green. The first coat dried a little textured so I had to do some extra manipulation to get even coverage, a little more than with the first coat. When I do this, I paint the polish on with three strokes like normal and then I go in with several shorter, lighter brushstrokes towards the parts of the nails that seem more bare. The base has a thinner consistency which makes this easy. It’s not a runny thin thanks to all the fun stuff inside, so it doesn’t pool on your nail when you apply it.

Cadillacquer A Beautiful Mess, 3 coats

A third coat brings A Beautiful Mess to full opacity. I thought I might still be able to see my nail line, but in person I really can’t. This last coat went on easily and I didn’t end up doing much to get even coverage, maybe an extra brushstroke or two but not as much work as I put into the second coat.

I hope you have all had a wonderful day! I have some fun stuff from Butter London and the new Holo Taco Unicorn Skins coming up soon, so we have that to look forward too. It’s the small things during these times, isn’t it? Stay well everyone!

xx, Ashley


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