Butter London Spring 2021 {PR}

This week is a very wonderful week. I’m getting my first vaccine dose ON THURSDAY!!! I seriously have never been this excited to get a vaccine in my life; I truly hate needles and usually dread these occasions, but I am willing to do whatever I can to help. The second wonderful thing is that we are talking about Butter London’s new spring collection, which they very kindly sent me. I almost did a happy dance when I opened the package, good stuff people, good stuff! The four new polishes are all part of their patent shine line and excitingly, there is a lighter green, which I don’t think they had anything like in the patent shine collection until now, and a new topper. I’m way too happy about this, let’s just get into the swatches because you know there’s going to be some blabbing.

For today’s swatches, I used Zoya Naked Base as my base coat and Seche Vite as my top coat where noted.

Butter London Sandy Bum, 3 coats plus top coat

Up first we have Sandy Bum, whose name is cracking me up! Butter London describes it as a “milky pink crème” which I would say is super accurate. It’s not my kind of color, but it seems like a staple shade that most brands have.

Butter London Sandy Bum, 1st coat

Unsurprisingly, Sandy Bum is very sheer and streaky on the first coat. It’s what I expect from a polish described as milky! It is a super delicate color, almost looks like a neutral on me.

Butter London Sandy Bum, 2 coats

The opacity built better than I expected on the second coat. There are still some streaks and lighter spots that need to be covered, but that’s a big difference from the first coat!

Butter London Sandy Bum, 3 coats

I got Sandy Bum mostly opaque in 3 coats. It is still semi-sheer, I can faintly see my nail line. I still have a couple spots that are obviously too dark, but I am terrible at applying polishes with this type of formula. For the second and third coats, I tried to just gently float it on and hope for the best.

Butter London Hottie Tottie, 2 coats plus top coat

Next up we have Hottie Tottie, a “soft coral crème.” This one is also not really up my alley, but it does look nice and it has a fantastic formula. I’m sorry, I just don’t like pink or peachy colors.

Butter London Hottie Tottie, 1 coat

In one coat, Hottie Tottie has decent coverage. The formula is super creamy, much easier to work with than Sandy Bum. I definitely have a few light spots and streaks, but a second coat fixes that up.

Butter London Hottie Tottie, 2 coats

See? Hottie Tottie is completely opaque in two coats. It applied so smoothly and I noticed it self-leveled really well too. And look at that shine even without top coat!

Butter London Hottie Tottie vs Duri Staycation

This is the only polish in the collection I had a decent comparison for. Next to Duri Staycation, reviewed earlier in the year, Hottie Tottie looks much more pink/salmon toned.

Butter London Good Vibes, 2 coats plus top coat

I may or may not have gasped out loud when I opened the package and saw this polish! Mmmmmm, so good, SO GOOD!!! This gorgeous, refreshing green is called Good Vibes and is described by Butter London as a “soft sage crème. I think it’s more minty than sage green, I think it’s more jade green. But who cares what you call it, it’s absolutely beautiful! Definitely gives me good vibes!!!

Butter London Good Vibes, 1 coat

Good Vibes has a great formula that is not too thin and very easy to control. After one coat there are still some visible streaks and patches that need to be covered, but it’s a decent first coat.

Butter London Good Vibes, 2 coats

Good Vibes does reach full opacity in just two coats. I really cannot ask for more, it’s just such a refreshing and stunning shade of green with an excellent formula to boot. I’m in love.

Butter London All You Need is Love, 1 coat over Sandy Bum

Last up is this super awesome topper called All You Need is Love (da da da da daaaaahhhhh). Butter London describes this one as a “rainbow glitter overcoat.” It is definitely the kind of glitter you will want to wear as a top coat. I think you could maybe get it opaque on its own if you sponged it on, but I like it as a topper. I wore it over Sandy Bum to more easily show off all the colors. I see red, orange, yellow/gold, green, light blue, dark blue, and purple hex glitters in various sizes (at least three) and little red bar glitters. It is super cute, I really love this as an addition to Butter London’s lineup. They don’t have a ton of toppers, but this is an instant favorite. I’m planning on wearing it over Good Vibes as a full mani at some point, maybe during Pride Month (I like to think that’s what they had in mind when they designed this one).

In addition to all four polishes, Butter London sent me their collaboration box with Caboodles! I never had one of these as a kid (I was quite young in the 90s, did not exactly need anything for makeup organization) but they totally remind me of those awesome pencil storage box things I had in elementary school that came in fun colors; a lot of them were two tone, with the top being a different color than the bottom. So, despite the fact that I have never owned anything by Caboodles, this hit hard with the nostalgia. Plus, it’s a little Polly Pocket-esque, isn’t it?

The box comes with two shades from the the spring collection, Sandy Bum and Good Vibes, as well as their Horse Power base coat and Hardwear Shine UV top coat (which is amazing, by the way, nice and thick). I am using the box to store all my mani tools as well as my top and base coats; it looks super cute on my desk and it’s a way better storage solution than my previous set up of just throwing a bunch of random stuff in a desk drawer.

So, there you have it! New spring colors and super adorable 90s nostalgia. Butter London has sent me a lot of amazing packages, but this one has easily been my favorite. I love the new green and the new glitter, plus the Caboodles kit is just so dang cute! The happiest of happy mail for sure.

xx, Ashley

Butter London is cruelty-free! These polishes were sent to me as PR.


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