Holo Taco Unicorn Dream Unicorn Skins Swatch & Review

Since Holo Taco has just dropped their second release this spring, it’s about time that I talk about the first spring collection! I thought I was doing well to have this post scheduled for this week, but I planned that waaaaay before knowing there were going to be two new full collections added to their permanent lineup. The first drop this year was a follow-up to last year’s spring collection: more unicorn skins! There is now a full rainbow of unicorn skin toppers available; this year they have added toppers with a mostly blue, green, and yellow hue. But, because they are unicorn skins, they are much more colorful than that! Over the past year or so I have been having a moment with toppers, so these are a very welcome addition. The collection also included two new creme polishes, but I’m just going to be reviewing the unicorn skins themselves today because that’s what I care most about.

All of today’s swatches were done over Zoya Naked Base and are all topped with Seche Vite. Each of the three unicorn skins will be shown over the same four of Holo Taco creme polishes: One-Coat Black (1 coat), Indigo Away (2 coats), Royal-Tea Blue (2 coats), and Cyantific (2 coats), which is one of the new cremes part of this collection.

Holo Taco Sonic Unicorn Skin, 1 coat, over One-Coat Black, Indigo Away, Royal-Tea Blue, and Cyantific

Sonic Unicorn Skin is the “blue” iridescent flakie topper. I absolutely adore it over the three darker colors. I see mainly blue, teal, and purple shifts, but also a little bit of orange as well. Over the lighter polish, Cyantific, it looks mostly yellow. I wouldn’t personally wear this one over a lighter polish, but anything medium to dark is a yes please!

Holo Taco Galactic Unicorn Skin, 1 coat, over One-Coat Black, Indigo Away, Royal-Tea Blue, and Cyantific

Galactic Unicorn Skin is the “green” iridescent flakie topper. Over the black and indigo polishes, the green REALLY stands out, it’s super vibrant. I can also see some teal, blue, purple, and even a peachy pink shift. Over Royal-Tea Blue, it looks a little more teal than it does over the darkest shades, absolutely love it. Suprisingly I also love it over Cyantific. It actually still comes off quite green and not that weird yellowy color that these flakies can get over lighter polishes. I have actually already worn this combo in a full mani, after swatching I just had to do it!

Holo Taco Lunar Unicorn Skin, 1 coat over One-Coat Black, Indigo Away, Royal-Tea Blue, and Cyantific

Finally we have Lunar Unicorn Skin, which is the “yellow/gold” iridescent flakie topper. It is absolutely stunning over black and indigo, I see yellow, orange, green, and even a hint of blue. The orange shift comes out a little stronger over Royal-Tea Blue, looks fantastic. It takes on a totally different appearance over Cyantific, it is a softer glowy yellow, not that ugly flat yellow like Sonic appears over the same polish. I can also see some orange and pink tones. Like Galactic, this one looks good over the lighter shades and the darker shades!

I think I might actually like these Unicorn Skins better than the first set, if only because two of them look good over a lighter polish. When I first saw the collection, I assumed that Sonic would be my favorite because blue, but I don’t think I could choose one. Galactic is the first one I’ve worn in a full mani so far, but I would be happy to have any of them on my nails right now. I just can’t believe I actually got this post up in the season in which the collection actually released and then Holo Taco had to go and drop the Rainbow Pastel collection. I will never be fully caught up! But you know I ordered it, so it will be making an appearance here at some point. Probably the week after their summer collection drops ;]

xx, Ashley


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