{gifted} See My Toes Polish: Handstand & Paddle Out

I love trying any nail polish, but it’s always extra fun when you find out about local polish brands! See My Toes Polish, based in Portland, Oregon, reached out to me this year and I was immediately interested. Not just because of the Oregon connection of course, but I have been getting more in to painting my toes since the end of last year and their entire concept is fun polish for your toes! Now, any nail polish can be painted on either your finger or toe nails, but theirs was formulated specifically with toes in mind. The formula is super beginner friendly, as you will see, with creamy opaque polishes that make doing your toes an absolute breeze. They also use a paddle brush so you don’t have to struggle doing 18 brushstrokes to cover your big toe! Besides the awesome formula, their color range is definitely not just your typical “safe” neutrals and reds, they have many bold shades and several blues and greens. Truly living up to “See My Toes!” I did do today’s swatches on my finger nails because I am not quite confident enough to share pictures of my feets, but I have also worn both of these polishes on my toes. I have a fun, bright coral and deep, soft blue shade to share with you today!

For these swatches, I used Zoya Naked Base and Seche Vite as my top coat where noted.

See My Toes Polish Handstand, 2 coats plus top coat

First up is Handstand, which is on my toes right now! It is a bright coral, the pinky orange type coral. It has a really opaque formula, yet has this squish to it that makes it look like a different color in different lightings. In my pictures today it looks more pink and as I look down at my toes this evening I am writing, it also looks pink. However, in direct sunlight it takes on a much more orange appearance. This is the type of color I actually love on my toes, normally not a fan of pinks but something about pink toes is totally fine with me!

See My Toes Polish Handstand, 1 coat

Handstand has a creamy formula that is super easy to control with the wider brush. The coverage is crazy good, I cannot see my nail line here but there were a few streaks that needed a second coat to be covered. I also can’t get over how shiny this stuff is! Hardly a difference when you add top coat!!!

See My Toes Polish Handstand, 2 coats

Handstand was completely opaque for me in two coats, this was even true when I painted it on my big toe! It is a super easy formula, you can work slowly and carefully with it to minimize your need for cleanup later, big fan.

See My Toes Polish Paddle Out, 2 coats plus top coat

Paddle Out is the other polish I have to share and definitely my favorite of the two! This was the first one I painted on my toes and WOW. Such a good formula and just a stunning color. It’s a blue that I will wear all year round.

See My Toes Polish Paddle Out, 1 coat

Paddle Out is incredibly opaque with just one coat. Honestly, if I didn’t use the thinnest coats possible it probably would be a one-coater. I think there were maybe two lighter spots I wanted to cover with a second coat.

See My Toes Polish Paddle Out, 2 coats

If you don’t get Paddle Out opaque in one, you certainly will not need more than two coats. Even on your big toe! And again, look at that shine. Seriously, there is almost no difference between this and the picture with top coat.

BIG thanks to Robin for reaching out and letting me try these polishes. I mean, I was hoping they would be good but I was blown away at just how good they are! The website says it took a few years to develop the formula and I can say that those few years really paid off. There are a lot of nail polish brands that could learn a lesson or two from See My Toes Polish! Please visit See My Toes Polish on their website (not an affiliate link, I just think they are awesome), take a gander at the whole color range, and get excited about painting your toes. It looks like they only ship to the lower 48 states for now, but keep your fingers crossed (or maybe your toes if you can do that), you never know what will happen in the future!

xx, Ashley

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