Aurora 5-Free Nail Lacquer August 2020 PPU: Weird Science

*GIFTED* I have been an avid Polish Pickup fan for a couple years now, unfortunately for my bank account. It combines the fun themes of subscription boxes with total freedom of choice of products, your “box” can be as spendy or thrifty as you’re feeling that month! Kim from Aurora 5-Free Nail Lacquer reached out to me and asked if I could swatch their August contributions and I jumped at the chance. It’s exciting to get a polish before the rest of the world, okay? Anyway, Aurora is offering not just one but TWO polishes this month, one a regular polish and the other a special effects topper. I have been having a moment with toppers this year so I was super excited to see it in the lineup! This month’s theme for Polish Pickup is Weird Science, which some brands have taken very liberally for their inspiration. Aurora went right for it and based both their polishes on the film Weird Science (which I haven’t seen, is that a bad thing?). Kim provided me with descriptions so luckily you don’t have to read through me floundering about trying to describe all the elements in these!

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