Cadillacquer A Beautiful Mess

Cadillacquer A Beautiful Mess, 3 coats plus top coat

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Last year, St. Patrick’s Day was the first day all of the restaurants in Oregon were closed to dine-in. I went to my local Irish pub to get some takeout on St. Patrick’s Day and then the next day they shut down completely, not re-opening for takeout until earlier this year. It’s only a few blocks away from where I live so I was quite disappointed to have fewer takeout options within walking distance, but balance has been somewhat restored in the universe. Today we’re taking a look at a gorgeous green polish from Cadillacquer, perfect for the occasion! It is called A Beautiful Mess and is from the Shameless collection. I’ve never seen the show Shameless, so I can’t offer you any knowledge of the inspiration. It is a green jelly base that is packed with tiny green to gold flakies, turquoise microglitters, and those beautiful, prominent bronze-orange-red multichrome flakies. I hope you love this one as much as I do!

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Cadillacquer Gentleman Of Crime


Remember that series I started last year where I share reviews of individual polishes I wore from my favorite brands? And by series, I mean the one post I did? 😛 Of course you do, because you are super cool and have been eagerly anticipating the next installment, right? Okay, enough with the self-depreciation and sarcasm. Today we are going to add to what will hopefully be a more successful series on my blog this year and take a deep dive look at another Cadillacquer polish. Cadillacquer is not the only favorite brand I have, but damn, they are good! Also, I swear I don’t only wear Cadillacquer’s crellies, it just so happens that this post features another one. Before we get into the review, you need to know that there’s going to be a new hand pose. I bought a mini ring light and honestly cannot figure out any other way to position my hand as of yet when using it, so we’re going to have to muddle through some awkwardness on my new journey as I figure out best how to use the thing!

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Cadillacquer The F Word


Since there are certain brands that I pretty much end up writing love notes to every time I wear their polishes, I decided I need to clog up my blog with my love instead of clogging up my Instagram captions. I personally don’t mind reading a caption that’s actually an essay, but it really seems more appropriate to break down how excellent a polish is here, where I have more room and more pictures! Since I haven’t worn a polish that applies to my First Impressions series for ages (not sure how that happened), I’m trying this out as a way to fit some smaller posts in between collection reviews. They will probably feature my ultimate favorite brands, like a-england, Butter London, Cadillacquer, Deco Miami, Palate Polish, Zoya, etc. I hope you enjoy these more in-depth looks at these polishes.

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