Essie Color of the Month September 2018


For once, I actually wore an Essie color of the month and I am just barely able to share it with you all in time. Happy last day of September! Usually Essie’s COTM picks do not excite me but I do love that they usually reach back into their archives, which can inspire you to pull out a polish you have not worn for awhile. For September, they chose Exposed, which came out last year around… spring? Although I love greyed out colors, I did not purchase any of them at the time. Kind of a weird time of year for a collection featuring several darker neutrals. However, fall is the perfect time for shades like Exposed, so I grabbed a bottle at Fred Meyer during a beauty savings event they had going on (spend $15, get $5 off). Exposed is described as a “mossy green with a slight white overcast.” Hmmm, okay, I think I would call it a muddy olive that has more of a khaki tone than other olives. It also has a greyed out feeling, yet still looks very green. I absolutely adored this color and enjoyed wearing it, even if the formula left a little to be desired.

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Essie Leathers Collection: Swatch & Review


This is so super late, but instead of making excuses I want to get into the polish because I freakin’ love these. And, luckily for me, I was at Kohl’s a week ago and they still had some of these sets in stock so I’m not entirely late to the game! Back in December I had some Kohl’s cash to burn so I picked up the lovely little Essie Leathers Collection set. It is rare that I like an entire collection, but damn it if I don’t love all of these! The formulas are beautiful and the colors are quite lovely. I am already hoping there will be a part 2 set in the future because Essie NAILED IT! These are inspired by Rebecca Minkoff’s most popular (according to her, anyway) bag colors and all dry naturally to a satin matte finish, just like the sheen of leather. Let’s dive into the goodness!

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