20 Favorite Nail Polishes from 2020

*Some gifted polishes used in this post.*

I feel like pretty much everyone has said everything they possibly can about 2020 being quite the year, so I won’t blather on about that. It was, despite of or in spite of everything, a great year for nail polish. There were a lot of amazing new collections released and some of us may have ramped up the amount of polish they were wearing because what else was there to do? Might as well paint your nails! Like the previous year, I have rounded up some of my favorites from this year, but I decided to only include polishes that are still available, at least still available as of this moment. I saw someone on Instagram mention that they don’t like favorites lists filled with limited editions and I can really respect that! So, without further ado, these are the top twenty polishes I wore for the first time this year. Some of these were released this year, but others may be old favorites of yours. Enjoy :]

The list is in alphabetical order of brand name and polish name within the brand name categories if there are more than one. They’re all equally my favorite for different reasons! You will see different hand poses throughout because I can’t stop experimenting. These are all polishes I wore as a full mani, I did not count polishes I only swatched.

1. Butter London 24K Overcoat (shown above with one coat over Rather Red)

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