First Impressions: MUA Nail Polish


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a first impressions post. I mean, my last one was in April 2019, yikes! And I was going to pretend like I had not missed a few weeks of blogging, but on review that seems like a crappy thing to do. I intentionally took the weekend of February 16th off because it was a holiday weekend for me and I wanted to enjoy hanging out with my family! But there is no real excuse for the past couple weekends, my brain just turned off and forgot about the blog, I guess. But all that aside, today we are going to look at the last polish I got from the UK that I have yet to wear: MUA (MakeUp Academy) Plum Noir. To be honest, I finished going through all those polishes ages ago, I do not know how this one kept getting put off. It has been so long that I’m pretty sure MUA does not even sell polish anymore. Oops. I am sharing with y’all anyway since I unexpectedly loved wearing this color, it felt just right in the early days of February when I had it on.

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First Impressions: Ciaté Paint Pots


Ciaté Ferris Wheel, 3 coats plus top coat

Even though I haven’t been blogging much, I have been swatching! Having more content than you have time to write is such a great problem to have. So, so much better than having a lack of inspiration. It does not matter that I actually did these swatches last year, right? I still have great notes and the particular polish I am featuring today happens to still be available! Ciaté is a brand that is famous for its polish-a-day advent calendars that come out every holiday, which I have to force myself NOT to buy. But when confronted with a selection of cute, bow-adorned Ciaté polishes while I was at the TK Maxx in Inverness, I had to take advantage of the wonderfully discounted price. They had a beautiful, light green and this lovely cotton candy blue, Ferris Wheel. I kind of wish I had gotten the green, too, because I cannot find anything resembling it on their website anymore (I think it was Apple and Custard). Sad times. Don’t let weighing your luggage down get in the way of a polish purchase, take this from the pro who regrets not buying MORE polish abroad (and I did buy quite a lot). I do not have to add this polish to my list of regrets, thankfully. Read on to see it in action.

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