Morgan Taylor Rocketman: My Picks Swatch & Review

“And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time…” until I review another Morgan Taylor collection. Seriously, it’s been about two years since I last reviewed anything from them! Apparently I have a penchant for their film-inspired collections, because last time around I reviewed their Beauty and the Beast collection inspired by the live action film and this time the collection is inspired by the recent Elton John biopic (which I have not seen yet). This is a fun, bright collection for summer. I nabbed the teal, purple, and, the unique standout of the collection for me, the glitter! I found my bottles at Sally Beauty months ago, but I think they’re still around (probably online more than in-store) if you see anything you like today. Let’s take a look, shall we?

For all of today’s swatches, I used √únt Ready for Takeoff base coat and Seche Vite as my top coat where noted.


Morgan Taylor Just Me & My Piano, 2 coats plus top coat

First up we have this vibrant purple (Morgan Taylor just describes it as a “purple cream” – very helpful). It naturally dries to a satiny matte finish like a lot of neon-type shades do. I would not call this one a true neon, but it is definitely headed in that direction.

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Deborah Lippmann Permanent Vacation Summer 2019: My Picks Swatch & Review


Summer’s still in the air, unfortunately. I think it’s been in the 90s for over a week now and, well, Old McDonald’s had ENOUGH. Not enough polish, though! I feel like I have barely gotten to enjoy the summer collections before the fall ones started pouring in. They clearly know what the people want (cozy colors! cooler weather!). Deborah Lippmann has recently released their fall collection, so of course today we are looking at some of their summer releases. I actually have my fall picks already, but I refuse to post swatches until official fall. Deborah Lippmann shades tend to hang around for a while anyway, so I’m sure it’s fine. These posts actually generate quite a bit of activity here at Short Nail Swatcher. I don’t think many people swatch Deborah Lippmann, and they really do not help themselves by posting super not color accurate photos to their site. I cannot tell you how often I read their color description and then look at the bottle shot trying to figure out in what world they are a match. I suppose I should be thanking them for making swatch work more valuable! Anyway, I have 3 colors to show you today, all in their gel lab pro formula (more money, better brush). I also have comparisons for all of them. Let’s still try to get some enjoyment out of summer while we can!

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Society Wit Ode to the South: My Picks Swatch & Review


This post was supposed to go up in June, but then the Women’s World Cup happened (I say that as if it was something completely unpredictable and out of the blue which it totally was not). For a US American, I am a soccer freak. Every day there were games, I made sure to watch at least one. But let’s be honest, sometimes I watched more. And then there were the days where there were World Cup games AND a Portland Thorns game. I’m pretty proud of myself for not also watching the Copa America and Gold Cup games too (actually I did watch the Gold Cup final, haha). But none of this has anything to do with this collection, so Imma shut up.

Society Wit was launched by the wonderful Meredith, who is a total swatchaholic on Instagram. Her account is such a good resource and the amount of swatches she drops at times is truly amazing, I wish I was more like that. Not surprisingly, she has a pretty good idea of what makes a good polish and she channels that knowledge into collections of stunning, gorgeous creams. Now, there are few polish finishes I do not like, but a good cream polish is one of the most relaxing and satisfying things to apply to your nails ever. Doing this while knowing you supported a small business that is providing quality polishes for only $9 a bottle might just be the best feeling on Earth. I have several polishes from a few different Society Wit collections, but this time around I am just going to show off my picks from the recent spring/early summer collection, Ode to the South. Society Wit collections tend to stick around for a while, so I am extremely confident you will still be able to get these. In fact, I think you can still grab all of their collections!

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