Deborah Lippmann x Grey Jason Wu

Deborah Lippmann x Grey Jason Wu

A couple, possibly a few, months ago Deborah Lippmann announced a little collaboration with Jason Wu as part of his new line, Grey. I’m not entirely sure what makes Grey different from his usual fashion line because the prices still make my jaw drop. There must be more people out there than I think who are willing to drop $400 on a sweater. That makes me want to go on all kinds of rants, but we’re here for the nail polish, not Ashley’s diatribes. I do not really know what made me buy Grey Day, the name of this little number, because it kind of looks like a grey that every brand has. Surprisingly, I actually own nothing like it! Money well spent. It walks the line between a few different types of greys and I love it lots. I mean, it’s grey, of course I wasn’t going to hate it…

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Fall Favorites: OPI This Isn’t Greenland


OPI This Isn’t Greenland, 2 coats plus top coat

There is pretty much nothing I anticipate more in the nail polish world than the release of fall collections. Fall colors can be muted, bright, vampy, bold, shimmery, or dusty, but there is something about them… the colors always feel closer to nature, but perhaps I’m just thinking that because nature really goes all out during fall. OPI is one of the brands that killed it this year with their fall release and I was both terrified of and excited by this particular green. I was not sure if the muted, yellow-tinged sage, green khaki color of This Isn’t Greenland would suit me, but I enjoyed every second that I had it on my nails. It was somehow classy and fun, possibly the closest a green is going to get to being a neutral.

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First Impressions: YSL La Laque Couture


YSL Rouge d’Or, 2 coats plus top coat

I have this thing about spending money on nail polish… I just cannot bring myself to buy a polish that is over $10 a bottle. It doesn’t matter what size the bottle is, but $10 is my limit for a single vessel of polish. For this reason, I have very few higher-end polishes in my collection. Luckily, discount beauty stores exist and scrounging around in them landed me this bottle of YSL polish. Rouge d’Or is a delightful orangey, coral-y red filled with a fine gold shimmer. If you’ve been following me a while, you might know that orange + gold is one of my major weaknesses!

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Butter London Fall Duo 2017: Swatch & Review

Butter London Fall Duo 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and, no, it’s not Christmas, it’s FALL!!! This summer has been way too gosh dang hot and smoky, due to all the forest fires raging about the state. I think I was over it in August. The weather has noticeably cooled and my hands have started drying out, and yet I am walking on cloud nine. The crisp mornings. The changing leaves. The fall nail colors, which is why y’all are here. Butter London has been fairly consistently releasing a duo-pack of Patent Shine lacquers since at least last fall when I reviewed a set. It’s (more) reasonably priced at $25 for the duo (considering that the Patent Shines are normally $18 individually) and if you wait until there’s coupon code, even more savings! This fall they have supplied us with a purple and a grey, much like last year, but in much darker shades. Mmmm, delicious!

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First Impressions: Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color


Maybelline Surreal, 2 coats plus Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (more like Insta-Bubble)

The only Maybelline nail polish I had ever seen before stepping out of the country was the Color Show line (which I have strangely never tried). I randomly saw this polish at Superdrug and decided I should grab it, even though there was a chance I would be able to find it at home in the US. Good job I got a bottle because I have not seen these anywhere, and believe me, I have been on the look out (did I sound too much like Trump there with the “believe me”? yikes…). Maybelline’s very long-named Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color is, surprise, not an actual gel polish. It is one of those “gel-like” polishes every brand these days feels compelled to make. They claim seven days of no chips, as long as you do top coat touch ups. Hmmm, okay. I don’t do wear tests, so what you’re going to see is an application review. Not even concrete could last seven days on my nails!

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The Color Box: Blue


If you had not noticed yet, blue is one of my favorite polish colors. I probably own more blues than any other color, yet polish makers world wide keep managing to create lovely hues of blue that you couldn’t find a match for even in my vast collection. While perusing a few of my favorite blogs, I saw that The Color Box, a quarterly collaboration box that releases five different polishes from five different indie makers in the same color family, chose blue for their spring color. I have never tried any of these brands before, but you better believe I whipped my credit card out in 0.2 seconds after seeing the blue deliciousness that could be adorning my nails. Although you will probably not be able to get any of these specific polishes any more, I thought I would share my experience with The Color Box with you anyway! There’s never anything wrong with getting exposed to a few more indie polishes, right?

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First Impressions: Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor Going Native

Morgan Taylor Going Native, 3 coats plus Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip

Remember when I did that post about the Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast polishes? You would think that after doing all that swatching, Morgan Taylor would no longer be eligible for a first impressions post, but I had not worn a full Morgan Taylor mani until I put on the beautiful, soft teal lusciousness that is Going Native. This is one of my new favorite colors ever, despite the formula not quite being what I was expecting.

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