a-england Tales From the Tower: Swatch & Review


Happy 100 blog posts to me! Yep, there have been 100 posts of me gushing about nail polish on the internet, but it doesn’t feel like enough. I still have so much polish to talk about, so don’t think you’re getting rid of me that easily! Today I have a full a-england collection to show you. It’s well in to spring now so of course it is perfect timing to talk about a collection that came out during the fall… I’m sure I have at least one reader in the Southern Hemisphere, yeah?

As soon as I saw the Tales from the Tower collection last year, it was an instant need. I adore all the base colors here and also adore the inspiration, having been to the Tower of London and because the Tower looms so large in medieval British history (an obsession of mine). This collection is a continuation of the pure excellence a-england gave to us with the British Subcultures collection. I have all eight polishes here, so you know there’s going to be a lot of pictures, let’s go!

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a-england British Subcultures: My Picks Swatch & Review


I have had my swatches of this collection sitting around, collecting dust for months. This post was supposed to go up before all the OPI madness, but I predictably fell behind. Luckily, a-england fans on Instagram chose this collection as one of two a-england collections featured this month. I thought finally getting this post up would be the perfect way to participate. The British Subcultures collection is based on a variety of youth movements/fashions in recent British history. I highly recommend reading about the inspiration/story behind each polish on a-england’s website (especially for polish #2 in this post, you will see why). I will link to each polish descriptor as we go through the colors. I pulled out my faux leather jacket for all the direct lighting photos. Leather jackets seem to fit into the styling of a number of these subcultures! This collection is mostly made of flaming holos, though they did sneak one of their usual ethereal holos in too. I will be honest with you all: I freaking love this collection, so there is going to be some serious gushing. a-england polishes always make me go a little crazy, they are just so perfect for me.

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a-england To Emily Brontë: Swatch & Review


If you have been following this blog from quite early on, you will remember that I fell in love with a-england polish via the gorgeous Saint George. You want to know something? Before I had even slapped that beauty on my nails and marveled at its depth and complexity, I had already made my second a-england purchase: the To Emily Brontë collection. I had a feeling that I was going to love a-england and Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite books of all time; I had a yearning in my soul for this collection. It was meant for me. It came out some time in 2015, but since you can still get the entire collection (I love that about a-england, none of this limited edition stuff), and since I actually have the entire collection, I thought I would show it off to you. Because if you like Wuthering Heights, brilliant, complex, moody colors, or just good nail polish in general, you need it. I hate saying that you “need” a collection, but really. They are so spectacular and wonderful that I would feel guilty if I did not tell you these polishes deserve to be in your collection and on your nails. Do yourself a favor and read on.

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First Impressions: a-england


a-england Saint George, 2 coats plus top coat

I have not tried many indie polish brands and I am on a quest to change that! Earlier this year I picked up a-england Saint George and only now have gotten around to wearing this beauty. Many things about a-england have intrigued me, most importantly their beautiful polishes but also the inspiration behind them. I love literature, classics, history, mythology, art… all things that have inspired various a-england collections! They are very consistently praised about their quality. All of these things lead to my purchase of this particular polish, which seems to be one of “the” a-england colors. I could not be happier with this polish and am already itching to try more. Read on to see why!

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