Spring Color Palette (Jenna Hipp edition)

Jenna Hipp spring

This is what happens when I forget to take pictures of all the bottles together… I try out an idea that I think is good but is actually terrible. I’m sorry.

Ah spring… my least favorite season. Everyone else goes ga-ga for it so I think my problem must be due to locale. You see, our spring weather is the exact same as our winter weather (overcast and rainy 95% of the time), with a couple key differences: a) it’s warmer in spring so more humidity, booooo, and b) I have already been through at least three months of grey at this point and by April/May the appeal of moody weather has started to wear me down. Is there such thing as SAD for people who get depressed in spring instead of winter? Because I think I have that… Anyway, it’s not all bad because spring is the time of the year I start to break out my brighter nail polishes and change up my color palette which makes me a very happy person.  I decided to show you some of the colors I like to wear this time of the year. Like my last color palette post, I challenged myself to choose polishes from just one brand. Today it’s Jenna Hipp! I love these little polishes, I wish she would come out with more collections. They were such a good price at Costco! Unlike the post last time, I decided to take some inspiration from the recent spring releases from big names in the polish world. I have noticed over the past few years that spring collections have featured bolder, brighter colors and they are not just all pastels. That is very much reflected in my choices today!

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Red-y for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is not my favorite of the holidays. It leaves me with a bit of a weird feeling, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day do – shouldn’t we tell the people we love that we love them all the time? Does there really need to be a special day for it? I also am not big on the color scheme – pink and red are not my ultimate favorites. But I do like the chocolate. Any excuse to buy and eat chocolate, right? Even though I am pretty apathetic towards it, I figured I should do something semi-festive here for Valentine’s Day. Since pink was out of the question, I decided to round up some of my favorite reds for you all. Like I said, it is not my favorite color, but I do have quite a few red polishes that I love.

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Post-Holiday Winter Color Palette (Butter London edition)

Winter nail polish collection releases seem to disproportionately focus on the holidays. But the holidays are only a small part of winter, whose chilly weather and overcast skies we still get to enjoy for a few more months (well, enjoy if you’re weird like me). I want to share some of my favorite colors to wear during the winter after the holidays. I decided to pull polishes from my Butter London collection to exemplify the types of polishes I will be rocking in January, February, and for a bit of March. Butter London does not strike me as particularly wintery or anything, I just happen to have a lot of Butter Londons that fit my theme!

All swatches are shown over Zoya Get Even base coat and are topped with Seche Vite.


Butter London Fiver, 3 coats

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