Fall Favorites: OPI Alpaca My Bags


Hello friends, we are going to try out this every two weeks schedule because, for the time being, I am just not finding the time to swatch! That is a good thing, though, because it means I’m out doing other stuff and generally enjoying life (well, at least enjoying not being at a desk for 8 hours). I hope all my US friends had a delicious Thanksgiving and that you all survived Black Friday. This will be my last fall post of the year because now that Thanksgiving is over it is officially Christmas time – WOO HOO!!!!! Christmas is the second most wonderful time of the year; the first is fall because it leads me to wear colors like this one. OPI’s Alpaca My Bags was the one polish that I needed to have from the Peru collection. It is moody and saturated and clean and cool. I love it lots.

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Fall Favorites: Essie Dressed to the Nineties


Essie Dressed to the Nineties, 2 coats plus NYC Shine in a Minute Grand Central Station

This will be my last fall post of the year *waterfall of tears*. Except… I’m not really THAT sad because Christmas is my favorite holiday. Now that US Thanksgiving is over I am in full Christmas mode! Christmas music playing 24/7? Check! Every surface of my living space covered in festive penguins? Checkity check. The most cheerful, happy, warm feeling I am going to ever have this winter? CHECK!!! I’m now going to take a moment to reflect and look back fondly upon fall 2017 (which we are still technically in… the winter solstice isn’t until the 21st of December). This year gave us some awesome new nail polish releases like Essie Dressed to the Nineties. Essie’s fall collection had some interesting shades; I picked up As If! and Girly Grunge too, but I opted to wear Nineties because it is so interesting. It is a deep purple (but NOT black) with a dusting of turquoise, greenish shimmer and I enjoyed having it on my digits.

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Fall Favorites: OPI This Isn’t Greenland


OPI This Isn’t Greenland, 2 coats plus top coat

There is pretty much nothing I anticipate more in the nail polish world than the release of fall collections. Fall colors can be muted, bright, vampy, bold, shimmery, or dusty, but there is something about them… the colors always feel closer to nature, but perhaps I’m just thinking that because nature really goes all out during fall. OPI is one of the brands that killed it this year with their fall release and I was both terrified of and excited by this particular green. I was not sure if the muted, yellow-tinged sage, green khaki color of This Isn’t Greenland would suit me, but I enjoyed every second that I had it on my nails. It was somehow classy and fun, possibly the closest a green is going to get to being a neutral.

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