My Indie Gift Guide Part 2: Palate Polish


 Today I have part 2 (which is the final part) of my little indie polish gift guide. In case you missed last week’s post, you can catch up here. This week I am sharing Palate Polish with you all. I tried Palate Polish for the first time this year and decided it should appear in my gift guide instead of just a standard review post, because it is that amazing and close to my heart! Three things to love about it: 1) Made in my home state of Oregon! 2) Each polish is inspired by and named after food. 3) The cream formula is INCREDIBLE. Seriously guys. If you buy any of this for your polish friends, buy two of everything so  you do not have to resist keeping the gift for yourself. Read on for my review to see these bottles of goodness in action!

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My Indie Gift Guide Part 1: Deco Lacquer


It’s the holiday season!!! If you haven’t already, it is definitely time to pick out gifts for your favorite people. I am going to be doing a two-part series to give you some last minute ideas for the polish (and beauty) lovers in your life. I wanted to focus on Indie brands, because they are not as widely available and therefore make great gifts; they have that “unique” factor. I also want to focus on a couple of indie brands that are not as popular so you might even find something for your polish junky friends!

First up I want to share Deco Lacquer with you! Look at these cute, beautiful little polishes. Don’t you want to scoop them up, put them on your dresser, and stare at them all day while the sun shines through your window and birds chirp a mirthful tune? I think that these polishes are very gift-able not only because the actual polishes are cute, but they come in amazing illustrated boxes as well (which my stupid self did not save). A lot of care has been put into these polishes, both in formula and aesthetic; I hope that shows through in my review. So that you know what to expect, I will review the colors I have in my usual fashion!

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