Know Your Nail Polish: Cadillacquer

Cadillacquer Know Your Nail Polish

An obscenely long time ago (okay, earlier this year, but still several months) the wonderful Stashy¬†asked if I could do a blog post on Cadillacquer. I think I might have gushed about Cadillacquer a bit in my Valentine’s Day polish post and, at every chance I get, I make sure people know that they are my favorite indie polish maker. But, until today, I have never dedicated a blog post to them. To be honest, they deserve more than this mere blog post. Give Cadillacquer all the awards and statues, buildings, and airports named after them. Seriously. Madeleine is one of the hardest workers in the polish world and some of the color combos that come from her brain are so unexpected but jaw-droppingly beautiful. Not to mention the formulas. I dare you to find a Cadillacquer polish that is difficult to work with. I own two full collections and so far, not a dud in any of them! Cadillacquer also somehow manages to make me like polishes and colors I would not normally go for, like taupes and corals.

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