Morgan Taylor Rocketman: My Picks Swatch & Review

“And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time…” until I review another Morgan Taylor collection. Seriously, it’s been about two years since I last reviewed anything from them! Apparently I have a penchant for their film-inspired collections, because last time around I reviewed their Beauty and the Beast collection inspired by the live action film and this time the collection is inspired by the recent Elton John biopic (which I have not seen yet). This is a fun, bright collection for summer. I nabbed the teal, purple, and, the unique standout of the collection for me, the glitter! I found my bottles at Sally Beauty months ago, but I think they’re still around (probably online more than in-store) if you see anything you like today. Let’s take a look, shall we?

For all of today’s swatches, I used Ünt Ready for Takeoff base coat and Seche Vite as my top coat where noted.


Morgan Taylor Just Me & My Piano, 2 coats plus top coat

First up we have this vibrant purple (Morgan Taylor just describes it as a “purple cream” – very helpful). It naturally dries to a satiny matte finish like a lot of neon-type shades do. I would not call this one a true neon, but it is definitely headed in that direction.

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Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast: My Picks Swatch & Review

Who else is super excited for Beauty and the Beast??? The original animated film actually was not one of my favorite films as a kid (especially the Christmas special – the pipe organ in it terrified me and has left me with a slight fear of pipe organs to this day), but around the time I was in middle school I started to like it a lot more and now would count it as one of my top Disney films. The music is just beautiful, I could not even pick a favorite song, and seeing the musical version of it live was one of the best experiences of my life. As I am sure you are all aware, I really do not need any more nail polish at all. But, after seeing that L’Oreal’s Beauty and the Beast collection is only in Italy (and Amazon Italy will not ship to me, I tried :[[[), there was a gaping, Beauty and the Beast nail polish-shaped hole in my heart. Enter Morgan Taylor, who has saved my life by creating some Beauty and the Beast inspired polishes that are actually available in the US for a reasonable price. I randomly saw that J.C. Penney had Morgan Taylor polishes on sale a few weeks ago and suddenly I was entering my credit card number in and a couple days later some new polishes ended up on my doorstep. Oops. I thought the least I could do was share the few I grabbed with you guys!

All my swatches today are over Zoya Get Even. I did not use any top coat for today’s swatches.

Morgan Taylor Enchanted Patina

Morgan Taylor Enchanted Patina, 2 coats

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