Pretty Serious Cosmetics Rainy Days Collection: Swatch & Review


The perfect time to review a polish collection is always when said collection and said brand are no longer available, right?! I am a master blogger, kids, take notes. Sadly, Pretty Serious, the maker who is featured in today’s post, is taking the rest of the year off while they revamp the brand, so you will not be able to snag any of these polishes for the time being. We do not yet know what the future is going to bring for Pretty Serious, but based on past collections like this one, Rainy Days, we know it’s going to be quality. I think Pretty Serious really took that quote, “Whatever you are, be a good one,” to heart because their polishes are magnifique. I have a few floating around (and scored a bunch more in their clearance sale) but never purchased a full collection until this one. I mean, look at it. If you are in any way familiar with my polish tendencies, you can see this was made for me. This post has a lot of pictures, so get your tea/beer/cat on lap/whatever, sit down, and enjoy the ride.

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