{gifted} See My Toes Polish: Handstand & Paddle Out

I love trying any nail polish, but it’s always extra fun when you find out about local polish brands! See My Toes Polish, based in Portland, Oregon, reached out to me this year and I was immediately interested. Not just because of the Oregon connection of course, but I have been getting more in to painting my toes since the end of last year and their entire concept is fun polish for your toes! Now, any nail polish can be painted on either your finger or toe nails, but theirs was formulated specifically with toes in mind. The formula is super beginner friendly, as you will see, with creamy opaque polishes that make doing your toes an absolute breeze. They also use a paddle brush so you don’t have to struggle doing 18 brushstrokes to cover your big toe! Besides the awesome formula, their color range is definitely not just your typical “safe” neutrals and reds, they have many bold shades and several blues and greens. Truly living up to “See My Toes!” I did do today’s swatches on my finger nails because I am not quite confident enough to share pictures of my feets, but I have also worn both of these polishes on my toes. I have a fun, bright coral and deep, soft blue shade to share with you today!

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