Olive & June Summer 2021: Swatch & Review

Well guys, summer has officially started. Mentally, I am not having a party but that doesn’t mean that my nails can’t! I totally fell for the marketing of Olive & June’s summer collection this year. The Lisa Frank color palette, the box you get to decorate with stickers… oh yeah, I am having as much fun as I did in the good ol’ days of being a kid. Olive & June has only featured once on the blog before because honestly, I mostly use them to paint my toes. Their polishes are designed to work without base coat and the paddle brush makes painting your tootsies super easy. But, we have seven new polishes and I cannot wait to wear several of them as manis so why not start playing with them now? I did recently become an Olive & June ambassador, but these polishes were purchases. Buckle up, you know there’s going to be a lot of pictures. I tried to keep blabbing to the minimum, but, you know, it’s me.

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