New at Target: tenoverten nail color


I cannot speak for all Targets, but my local Target has spruced up their nail section! A couple months ago, I was browsing and saw they now carry a selection of Ella + Mila, more shades of Piggy Paint, and a new Defy & Inspire line called Vita Fit. The new additions that jumped out at me the most, however, were the tenoverten polishes with their simple and elegant square bottles with a clean label. These are polishes I would love to see sitting on my non-existent vanity! I thought they were a bit spendy at $12 a piece, but I was drawn to some of the earthier colors and had never heard a single thing about this brand, so I decided to take a chance! I ended up with the shades cliff, liberty, and austin (yes, everything is lower case on the bottle, I’m not trying to be annoying). After doing some research, I learned that tenoverten was started by a salon in NYC and that you should definitely buy the polishes from Target because they retail for $18 on their website! The polishes are 8-free, intended to “promote stronger, healthier nails,” and are all named after streets in NYC. Cute! The color selection is not the most unique, but even I managed to find some shades that I probably don’t have exact dupes for. Probably.

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